MultiCast’s Telecoms consultancy branch have experts in:

  • PMR and Tetra.
  • Microwave radio.
  • Terrestrial and satellite communications.
  • DAB/DAB + Multiplexing and Transmission Networks.
  • DVB Multiplexing and Networks (Terrestrial, satellite and cable).
  •  Mobile and Fixed Networks.
  •  OSS and BSS systems. 

These areas of expertise within MultiCast were created, as the demand has become a speciality in itself, rather than being a sub-division within the Networks Team.

As projects’ requirements of Telecoms increase, we are able to provide expertise on both the technical and regulatory aspects of wireless communications.

Specialist assignments include: due diligence on specification of multi-site VSAT, contract negotiation with the hub operators, integration of legacy PMR systems to modern VoIP/telco provision.

MultiCast's Telecoms consultants’ come from wide industry backgrounds, in both the UK and the rest of the world, and we can offer the following specialist consultancies:

  • Terrestrial voice and data circuits solutions – we can provide ‘any to any’ communications throughout the world with realistic SLAs and contract costs. Migrating such services currently being provisioned over satellite, to terrestrial connectivity throughout the world.
  •   LOS microwave and narrow band wireless communications – consulting on regulated solutions and advising on data, voice, and video as well as circuit and packet switched solutions over wireless.
  • Consultancy on voice technologies, migrating away from TDM systems to VoIP and SIP solutions allowing businesses to bring voice solutions up to date and realising cost savings for existing premises and site moves, expansions and consolidation.
  • PMR and tetra solutions – Tetra is now the most pervasive technology for large PMR solutions, and we can offer consultancy in bringing this into specialist environments such as civil engineering and rail users.
  • VSAT solution design, management and performance analysis. VSAT technology is widely used by retail and distribution operations. It is often found that these systems are sub-optimally operating in a technically and monetarily manner since installation. We have specialists in performing auditing and performance analysis for such systems and advising on contractual issues and returning businesses ongoing savings for VSAT operation.
  • OSS and BSS - Operational support system development and deployment, business support system definition and development. Integration and governance wrapper to ensure successful adoption of system to aid business benefit within defined case or criteria.
  • DVB Multiplexing and Networks - Providing support in deployment and assessment of the latest virtual multiplexing techniques 

Please contact MultiCast, for further information on any Telecoms projects or requirement in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.