Introducing MultiCast

MultiCast is a consultancy offering high-end Broadcast biased consultants to multimedia clients. We specialise in Broadcast, SDN, IP, IT, Telecoms and Mobile technology and understanding how these different areas are merging.   

Who we are  

David Phillips and Simon Deeks are the founders of MultiCast; they have a combined broadcast, technology and business background of over 50 years. 


Our team of experienced consultants have a strong comprehension of the historical requirements of broadcasters coupled with the knowledge of how this can be implemented using the very latest IT and telecommunications technologies. MultiCast helps our clients maximise the power of media using innovative techniques and advice to transform their business to manage future trends and the demands of the market. If necessary, we’ll question our clients’ thinking, as well as testing our own. By doing so we can start to develop a strategy – simplifying matters, making sense of the issues and defining the optimal direction to take.  We will always offer solutions that are pragmatic and suit your needs and budget, while suggesting innovative answers wherever possible. 


Every client has different ambitions. They operate in different sectors, speak to different audiences, have different structures and are controlled by different personalities. This means, when we start working with a client, we’ll ask questions – lots of questions. We interrogate, interview, and research. Most importantly we listen – until we understand. And then we might ask some more questions until the overall resolution is found.   


We aim to become an extension of our clients' business, so a mutual trust and understanding is developed. Some clients will use our full service to develop, create and implement all of their strategy and technology requirements, while others will use us for shorter projects to supplement their existing team. We supply the right consultant who is tailor made for you, that understands your business constraints, advises you and shares your vision. All of our advice is not standard - its bespoke to your broadcast media needs and budget.


We are transparent and straightforward, there is nothing hidden, we want to build your business and become part of your team. We take a comprehensive and realistic approach in all our recommendations.